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Date:  29.07.2017
Name:  derek douglas
Comments:  First heard of the red guitars through a young fella that worked with my dad, 35 years ago. He thought I might like them, being as how I was into all sorts of music, so gave my dad the Good Technology single for me. Never saw them live, but Red Guitars, you are one of only six bands that are dear to me, your slow to fade and I am forever grateful to you for the joy your music brings me even now. THANK YOU

Date:  17.06.2017
Name:  Dave Sheekey
Comments:  I remember seeing the Red Guitars supporting The Smiths at Edge Hill College, Ormskirk I guess 1983. A fine band who should have rightly had the same commercial success as the headliners.

Date:  17.05.2016
Name:  k. takemura
Comments:  I discovered this site recently.
In far-off Japan, I am crazy about your music for 30 years.
However, it is very sad to be decided without "Tales Of The Expected".

Date:  08.07.2015
Name:  Fatmansworld
Comments:  Hull is city of culture in 2017. Wouldn't it be super to see a line up of local artists past and present perform then, if not then at the city Freedom Festivals over the next few years. I've been thinking of setting up an Internet radio station to showcase local talent but sadly far too expensive to do as a hobby (and legally to ensure you guys would get some recompense from it). Please do another gig soon, preferably with some other local notables. I know a former Gargoyle if that helps?

Date:  16.03.2014
Name:  Iko
Comments:  Hi from Poland. I became afao of RG in 80's - the music was played quite frequently in Polish Radio 3 (Mini Max by famous DJ Piotr Kaczkowski). Then I desperately wanted to see them live. Eventually I did - in Roskilde '86 yet from the distance over the fence, since I had no money for the admission .
Glad to hear there are so many fans over the years.
Pity we can not have the whole RG story on the site, I love both RG periods with Jeremy Kidd and Robert Holmes as lead singers.
By the way - I am desperately seeking the Tales of the Expected lyrics. Has anybody written down them, pls show up.
Thanks in advance.

Date:  10.02.2014
Name:  Stuart
Comments:  Any plans to mark the 30th anniverary of Slow To Fade?
Maybe an ATP-style gig of the whole album?

Date:  13.11.2013
Name:  Clem
Comments:  It must have been one hell of a pee, Dave.

Date:  06.10.2013
Name:  Dave R
Comments:  Remember discovering the Red Guitars music as a teenager in Hull in the early 80's. Blown away by them being on the Tube. Only saw them once their last gig at Spring Street. Had a few pints and nipped to the loo during the set . Came back to discover from my mates that they'd played a cracking extended version of Good Technology whilst I'd been gone - gutted! Would love to see a one off reunion gig - if all the middle of the road bands of the 80s can do it, so can the Red Guitars. Gig for City of Culture anyone?

Date:  29.09.2013
Name:  Paul Harvey
Comments:  For some reason I started listening to Slow To Fade recently. Bought the vinyl when it was originally released. Picked up the CD some years later. Re-bought it just now on iTunes for the extra tracks (that I also bought on vinyl). WOW! This is an incredibly good collection of songs and sounds. Almost 30 years later I am finding a new relevance of these songs and music in my life. I can't believe the world missed this masterpiece. It's worthy of the Rodriguez treatment. Crocodile tears is such a well crafted piece. Friends who hear it for the first time are literally stunned. Including my teenage kids.

Would love to hear this live! What I wouldn't give to go to a Red Guitars gig today.

Date:  25.09.2013
Name:  steve morantz
Comments:  came upon the site again, whilst looking for a technology image for a powerpoint presentation...oh how we age badly!
brought a smile back to my face!

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