Facts are facts and railway tracks run parallel to the sky…

Fact was recorded at Fairview Studios, Willerby. The recording was engineered by Roy Neave and produced by Roy Neave and the Red Guitars.

The straightforward - almost naïve - sentiments of the chorus were inspired by the anti-war journalism of the Bridlington-born writer and feminist Winifred Holtby (1898-1935). Her plain-speaking stands in contrast to the freeform phrase-association of the verses.

The track was released as a 7" single (SD007) in November 1983 on Self Drive Records.

The band performed Fact and Steeltown live on the BBC's Whistle Test on Friday 20th January 1984.


lyrics by Jeremy Kidd, music by Hal Lewis

For those of us with dented pride,
Who never reached the top.
I never lost my fear of flying,
Or witnessed thousands fall away and drop.
Cradled like a peak too far,
You've got to toe the line.
A miser with a silver spoon,
Take the profit out of doom.

Take the profit out of war,
We don't need it anymore.

Pull the curtain wide,
Dispel the gloom,
Chase the blues away.
Facts are facts and railway tracks
Run parallel to the sky.
Overcome gravity like we
Overcome grafitti with grafitti of our own.
A miser in a lead-lined room,
Take the profit out of doom.

Take the profit out of war,
We don't need it anymore.

A cold wind blows and commerce flows,
On lines of clear confusion.
Ground-to-air and dust to dust,
The sirens croon collusion,
A whispered word a bitter cry,
The dividend is due.
Dismiss the light the time is right,
For nuclear transfussion.

Take the profit out of war,
We don't need it anymore (x5).

Fact sleeve.

Fact quotes…

Fact was one of the best guitar records since the demise of Television.   The Guardian, 11/05/84.

Fact was powerful and sinister, fitted with the big beat as well as guitars which shrieked and squirmed.   Melody Maker, 07/01/84.

All hinged on one little riff that runs all the way through. I remember Hal showing it to me and thinking how neat and easy. The pain in my hand after 3 minutes was excruciating. For me Jerry's finest lyrics.   JR

I felt like I'd got dented ears by the time we finished this one - the click track was really loud and we were playing along to it for what felt like a geological epoch to get a good take. I think my hearing still suffers to this day.   Hal

I've still got the bespoke rubber stamp, FACT! - nobody can say we skimped on promotion.   Jeremy

Peel was a bit pissed off that Jensen got it first, but eventually relented and played it. His response to “Take the profit out of war, we don't need it anymore” was simply, “Well, that's difficult to argue with“.   Matt

The band ran a rehearsal place by the fruit market. I went down one day and someone had written “take the profit out of rehearsal rooms” in great big black writing on the door. Ho, ho, very funny.   Lou